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Summer @ Rocky Top is your chance to get ahead of the game!

Want to stand out from your peers, save some money, and impress your future employers by graduating in four years? Taking summer courses is an excellent way to demonstrate and enhance your focus, ambition, and motivation. Here are top reasons to spend your Summer @ Rocky Top.

You’ll usually graduate faster  
Taking one or two summer classes may allow you to graduate early. Graduating earlier will allow you to take time off to do the things you love, or get a head start on your career. 
 Save Money! 
Taking summer courses to graduate early can save you and your family money in tuition, room and board, and living expenses. 
 Step out of your comfort zone
Interested in exploring new ideas and majors? Your academic advisor can help you find a course that meets your passions and degree requirements.  
 Keep your academic routine
Taking classes during summer helps you to keep your momentum and work ethic strong. By keeping up your academic routine, you’ll be better prepared to tackle your fall courses. 
 Get it done! 
Summer courses are shorter. Rather than being a semester-long, they are only about a month long. So, you can get them out of the way faster and still have time to fit in all your fun summer plans!
 Key 2021 Dates  
Mini Session:  May 10-28 | Full Session:  June 1 – July 30 | First Session:  June 1 –28 | Second Session:  June 29 – July 30