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Summer @ Rocky Top is your chance to get ahead of the game!

Looking to gain an edge over your peers, reduce your educational costs, and leave a lasting impression on your future employers by earning your degree in just four years? Discover how Summer @ Rocky Top can help you elevate your drive, aspirations, and dedication with these unbeatable advantages.

You’ll usually graduate faster  
Unlock the potential to graduate early and start living your best life by enrolling in just one or two summer courses. With the ability to take time off for personal pursuits or jumpstart your career, accelerating your graduation with summer classes is the smart choice.
 Save Money! 
Maximize your savings potential and make the most of your college experience by opting for summer courses to fast-track your graduation. Save big on tuition, room and board, and living expenses – summer courses are the smart financial choice. 
 Step out of your comfort zone
Unlock your potential to explore new passions and majors with the guidance of your academic advisor. With their expertise, you can find a course that fulfills your degree requirements and ignites your curiosity – challenge yourself to try new things.
 Keep your academic routine
Don’t let your academic momentum slow down – keep your work ethic strong and your skills sharp by taking summer courses. With the ability to stay in the academic groove, you’ll be fully prepared to take on your fall courses with confidence – summer classes are the perfect way to keep your drive going.
 Get it done! 
Supercharge your summer with courses that are shorter and sweeter! At just a month long, summer courses allow you to complete your requirements in less time, giving you the freedom to enjoy all your exciting summer plans – make this summer epic and level up with summer classes!
Key 2024 Dates  
Mini Session: May 16 – June 5 | Full Session: June 6 – August 8 | First Session: June 6 – July 9 | Second Session: July 10 – August 8