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Financial Aid

One Stop Express Student Services is your first stop to learn about tuition and fees, financial aid, and course registration. The application for summer financial aid is available from One Stop.

Financial aid in the form of scholarships, loans, grants, and work study is available for students taking summer classes. Students who take at least 6 credit hours during the summer may use the HOPE Scholarship.*



  1. To receive financial aid for summer classes, including the HOPE scholarship, students will submit a UT application for summer aid and a FAFSA for the prior year (2016-17).
  2. Apply early to ensure your aid package will be ready in time. Applications are available in early February at One Stop or online at The priority application deadline is April 1.
  3. Financial aid may be used for any summer session, even the mini term, if you take a minimum of 6 credit hours during the summer. Available aid can include the HOPE Scholarship funds.
  4. If you’re a first-year student, you cannot get HOPE for the first summer (before your freshman year), but you can get other aid. The hours will count toward your 120-hour credit limit cap for HOPE.*
  5. If you’re very late applying for financial aid, like a few days before the payment due date, your aid package will likely not be ready and you will need to make other payment arrangements until it is complete.
  6. If you are eligible for the Pell Grant, you have a certain amount of financial aid available for fall and spring. If you use it all fall and spring, you have no Pell Grant money available to pay for summer classes.
  7. You can request that your financial aid be disbursed in amounts that are spread equally across fall, spring and summer.
  8. You can return your financial aid refund check to the financial aid office.

*Using HOPE Scholarship funds to pay for summer classes affects your overall HOPE eligibility. Please read this page for more information about using the HOPE to pay for summer session classes.

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